6 House Turn Offs that Sellers Need To Avoid

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Do you know what’s a “home buyer’s pet peeve”? It encompasses everything buyers find annoying when they visit a Sandy Springs house for sale for the first time. As a seller, you should be familiar with these pet peeves, so that when potential buyers come to your open house, they don’t leave through the backdoor. Word of mouth is quite big in the real estate industry and once a house gets a bad name, it sits for way too long on the market, which destroys its value.

Think about your open house as an official event, where you don’t want even a speck of dust to be found. The best thing about open houses is that there’s practically no furniture, which makes the cleaning job easier. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at six pet peeves that might be a deal breaker for the buyers:

1. Damp Patches and Stained Ceilings and Walls

70% of the buyers are turned off by stains and damp patches. Damp patches shout out loud that there’s something wrong with the integral structure of the house. It also tells the buyer that there’s water in the walls, which means they might face electrical problems in the future.

2. Bad Odor

56% of the buyers are turned off by bad odors. Would you step foot inside a house that perpetually smelled like gutter? Bad odor is something that creates an awful first impression. It gives buyer the perception that if the house smells so bad right now, then it must smell like this all the time. So, before any buyer arrives, give all the rooms a good spray, with a flowery air freshener, but make sure the scent is not too cloying.

3. Unattractive Lighting

54% of the buyers do not like unattractive lighting. The duller your Sandy Springs house for sale is, the harder it will be for them to see its features. Lighting is one of the most important features of a house. A bright room appears to look bigger than it actually is and allows the buyer to picture how their furniture would look in it.

4. Unappealing and Outdated Bathroom

25% of the buyers find an outdated bathroom very unappealing. The two most important rooms in a house, which are used the most, are the kitchen and bathroom. Both rooms, when upgraded, add value to the house and increase its sale value. So, when getting your house ready for the market, renovate your bathroom and add some color to it.

5. Cluttered Room

15% of the buyers are disappointed by cluttered rooms. How do you expect them to take in the room fully when the surface is covered with your packing boxes, furniture and other things? For them, it’s junk that is blocking the way and preventing them from seeing the true beauty of the house.

6. Over the Top Décor

14% of the buyers do not like over the top décor when they visit an open house. When getting your house ready for potential buyers, make sure it has minimal furniture. It should not distract the buyer from seeing the house. Things such as loud curtains, extravagant sofas, family pictures and personal items do not make the buyer feel welcomed. So, make sure your retro furniture is out of the way.

Tackling these house turn offs will increase your chances of attracting more buyers and will guarantee a second visit. Want to know the current value of your Sandy Springs house for sale before you put it up on the market? Visit America’s Network Reality Group Inc. and get an accurate evaluation from experts.



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