5 Secrets That Will Help You Make a Profitable Sale

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Selling a house in Sandy Springs, GA is not that easy. The median house value in Sandy Springs is $465,000. House values here have risen by 4.6% and it is predicted that in 2018, this value will increase 4.0%. The buyer’s market is right now in a very cold zone. In times like this, sellers need all the help they can get to organize the perfect staging. After all, first impression is what matters the most.

When a buyer finds the exterior of the house lacking, they assume they won’t be impressed by the interior too. What a buyer needs to do is work to change this attitude. As we have already established that making the exterior spick and span is most important, let’s focus on the other areas of the house:

1. Always Be Ready

If you are giving potential buyers a tour of your house while still living in it, you need to take a few things under consideration:

  • Always be available for the display
  • Make sure there is no clutter in the house
  • Keep the entry way clean and artistically decorated
  • Make sure that the bathroom and kitchen is sparkling

You might have to clean the house on the surface every time a buyer comes to visit, but you can save time by organizing everything in a single room to make the house look less cluttered.

2. Kitchen Comes First

The two rooms that are used the most are the bathroom and kitchen. This is why you need to make sure that they are in top condition. Don’t spend too much on renovations, but do make sure that they are aesthetically decorated to the standards of modern designs.

3. Conceal the Critters

Nobody likes to see cockroaches crawling around when they visit a house. This makes them wonder that if there is one, then there might be a whole infestation. So, get fumigation done one week before the open house.

4. Light it Up

The brighter your house is, the more charming it will look to the buyer. Take advantage of natural light in the morning by taking down the drapes and in the evening, turn all the light bulbs on. Bright lights make the house look cheery, which sets the mood of the buyer.

5. Become the Competition

Becoming a competition in a cold buyer’s market is the key to getting multiple offers. Once you have evaluated your house, shave off 15% of the price and then put it up for sale. Buyers will swarm your house, trying to one up each other and the sale price will rise automatically.

Try these five tips and you will see a distinct change in the offers you receive. Need to get your house evaluated? Visit America’s Network Reality and get your home’s accurate market value by just entering your address.

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