5 Effective Ways New Homeowners Can Save On Yearly Electricity Bills In The Summer

Energy bills take a big chunk out of the annual budget of most homeowners. The average household in the US spends about $1320 in electric bills annually. According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), electric bills account for about 9 percent of household expenses.  Fortunately, there are a number of steps that you can take to keep the costs as low as possible.

Here are five effective ways that homeowners can save on the yearly electric bills.

1. Set the Thermostat to 75 Degrees

Setting the thermostat to 65 or 70 degrees during the summers can provide the best cooling. But in most cases, it unnecessarily jacks up the bills. You can also remain perfectly cozy and relaxed during the hot days by setting the thermostat to 75 or 78 degrees. Every degree that you increase will result in great cost savings in terms and reduced electric bills.

2. Make Use of Fans

An efficient way to keep the rooms cool is by using ceiling or table fan. Using a fan will decrease the need for setting a low temperature. It will also help avoid dry skin problems that develop because of the air conditioning sucking moisture from the air. Other than the fact that it will help in reducing the electric bills make it a must-have inside the house.

3. Use Blinds, Shades, and Solar Screen

Avoid letting the heat inside the house using blinds and shades. These help keep warm air from getting inside the house and the cool air from leaking outside the house. Also, consider installing solar screen as it can help block about 90 percent of the UV rays apart from keeping the house cool and comfortable.

4. Prevent Air Leaks

Sealing the house could help prevent air leaks. Most of the time air leaks around the doors and windows. According to the US DOE, households can save as much as 30 percent in energy bills through proper air sealing and insulation. You can either seal the house yourself or hire a professional to perform the task for you. The investment and effort in sealing and insulation of the house can result in nice savings in the bills.

5. Plant Trees and Shrubs

Planting trees and shrubs around the house will shade the house from the scorching sun rays. This will decrease the need for increased cooling inside the house. A shaded unit can help shave off about 10 percent in electric bills, making the investment in the trees worth it.

The above tips can help cut the yearly electric bills in half. An energy efficient home is more likely to sell at top dollars. You can increase the odds of getting the maximum possible price for the home by getting in touch with an experienced realtor.   

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