3 Important Things to Look At When Hoping To Make a Quick and Profitable House Sale

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How do you prepare yourself when it’s time to sell your house? You will hear this quite often in the real estate market, “The faster you sell it, the higher the profit you will make”. How can you do this? What if you sell the house to the first buyer and lose the opportunity to garner the attention of multiple offers. This is something that every seller wants. Selling your house is not just about putting up a ‘For Sale’ post, fixing a price and waiting for the buyer to approach you. It’s about making some effort and making sure that your house shines on the block.

Here are three tips that will help you make a quick sale in Sandy Springs, GA:

1. Presentation

Before price comes presentation, because first impressions are what matters the most. A buyer, who visits your house for the first time, would want to be wowed. Often sellers invite buyers for a tour while they are living in the house. This is the biggest mistake because nobody wants to see your personal life gracing the walls and in every corner of the house. So, empty the house and make it spick and span. Add some color to the walls by hanging painting and wall decorations. Trim the garden and make sure that the backyard does not have any mess lying around.

2. Exposure

What is the first thing you do when you want some information about a particular thing? You take your search to the internet. Similarly, the first thing the buyers will do is search the web for specific houses that fall under their budget. You need to spread the word about your property on social media platforms and other websites that display property listings. Create an ad including a personal message, and specific details about price, room, facilities, etc., and post with pictures of the house with a call number. It does not need to be flashy but should be captivating, so that buyers are hooked at the first sight. When providing the details of the house, write down the important ones, so that only serious buyers contact you.

3. Price

The most important of all elements is the price. Often people misunderstand this key element and this is the reason why they lose their profit margin. Once you have selected a price range for your house, compare it to the market price and the houses that were sold recently in your area. Say you are selling your house for $200,000 dollars in Sandy Springs, GA. The current value going around there is $200/sq ft. Your neighbor just sold his house for $250,000. Now, this does not mean that you need to get into the competition. In fact, you already have an edge over your neighbor in terms of price. A seller will prefer you over the rest because they are getting a house in a lower price. Even if your house amounts to $180,000, you are making a $20,000 profit. What we are trying to say here is that the price should reflect the value of your house and not the competition.

The way you represent yourself and your house will be your selling point. Therefore, do not leave anything unnoticed. Want to know the current value of your house? Visit America’s Network Reality and get an accurate evaluation from experts.

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