Tips for staging your home for sale

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Home staging is an important element for selling a home nowadays. With plenty of competition in the market, buyers only consider the house that leaves a good impression on them. If you can succeed in grabbing the positive attention of buyers, you will most definitely be able to sell your house much quicker and at a much higher price.

But that will only be possible if your house is in its top condition. The better you stage your house, the higher your chances of getting multiple offers will be.

Using minimum money, here are some tips that will help to prepare a highly presentable home:

Exterior home staging tips

Remove trash and debris from the yard and front of your house including any tree branches, and fallen leaves. Then start working on the exterior staging of your house with these tips:

  • Clean the driveway, walkway and the front of your house
  • Trim the grass in the yard, and make your landscaping presentable
  • You may add a coat of mulch to give your house an edge
  • Trim the bushes and keep them a few feet away from the home
  • You can increase the curb appeal of your home by planting some attractive flowers
  • Make sure that the gutters are cleaned and any leaves are not coming out of them
  • Unless the paint is in a good condition, consider applying a fresh coat on the front door and its surroundings.

Interior home staging tips

In order to make the interior of your home ready for sale, start by removing all the unnecessary items and possessions and de-cluttering old furniture to maximize the present-ability.

Once you remove all the clutter, perform a major cleaning of the house. Remove cobwebs, clean dirt form every noticeable area and make the kitchen and bathrooms spotless. Use these tips to get the basic checklist of staging the interior of your home:

  • First off, give attention to the kitchen and bathroom of your house. They are the most looked after places.
  • Closets are also very important. Home buyers actually concern about the space in the closets, therefore have them neatly organized.
  • Homes having low light around the rooms appear gloomy and unappealing to the buyers, whereas bright homes grab good attention of the buyers
  • If necessary, touch up the paint of your home.
  • Keep an eye on the garage as well. Many home buyers take a spacious garage under consideration when buying home.
  • If there are any leaking faucets, make sure to fix them before putting your home on sale.


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