10 Tips on How to Sell Your House for Top Dollar

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Ready for the big move? Have you started searching for another real estate property in Sandy Springs, GA? Before you get your heart settled on the property of your dreams, you need to sell your old property. The only way you will be able to afford the new property is if you can sell the old one for top dollar.

There is sure to be some wear and tear on your house that you should look into immediately. So, instead of strolling the real estate street and looking for the “for sale” sign, focus on what repairs you need to get done on the house to increase its sale price. Following are ten tips on how to sell your house for top dollar:

Tip #1

Enhance the Landscape

Let’s start with the outside appearance. The first thing that buyers see is the front of the house. This means fixing the door, railing, the lawn and the flower beds. Trim down all the wayward bushes and make sure there are no weeds in sight. Trim down the lawn to two inches of grass, re-polish the railing and re-paint the door if it has any scratches on it. They say, “First impression is the last impression”. When it comes to selling a house, the outward appearance makes up for more than 50% of the sale price.

Tip #2

Stain the Driveway and the Deck

You don’t need to spend much money on renovating this area. If the ground is leveled, just get it stained to give it a new look. Part of the entrance, this also makes a huge difference in convincing the buyer that the house is a true gem.

Tip #3

Make it Spotless

If you are still living in the house but your things are packed, move them all to the basement. Buyers want to see how open a room is because they like to visualize where their furniture will go. Vacuum the carpet, and mop the floors before they arrive. Make sure the bathroom is dry and has no accessories on the sink or in the cabinet.

Tip #4

Clean the Bathroom

It’s time to get down and dirty. A clean bathroom makes a very good impression, so get down on your knees and start scrubbing that grout from the tiles. Don’t forget to sprinkle a little vinegar on the dry stains when cleaning the tub.

Tip #5

Kitchen Maintenance

The two rooms that buyers see the most are the kitchen and the bathroom. Spend most of your renovation budget on the kitchen, because it is one of the largest selling points.

Tip #6

Re-Paint the Wall with a Light Color

A light color makes the rooms more bright and roomy. It comforts visitors, and is less distracting.

Tip #7

Empty the Closets

Just like the rooms, the buyers want to see the closet space. So, make sure that everything is packed away in boxes.

Tip #8

Light Up the Rooms

When the buyer arrives, open up the windows and blinds. Make sure all the bulbs are working as it makes the room look bigger and less cluttered.

Tip #9

Keep it Simple

Remove any decorations and personal belongings that might distract the buyer. Make sure that the things you are planning to take with you are not in sight or the buyer might assume they are part of the house.

Tip #10

Market Strategically

By setting the price of the house below the market value, you have a chance of attracting multiple buyers. This will give you the opportunity to negotiate a more profitable sale.

Follow these ten tips and you can place your house in the market at a price that people will be clamoring to buy. Remember, don’t overspend or you won’t be able to get back your investment in the sale price.

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