10 Staging Tips That Will Make a Buyer Fall Head Over Heels in Love with Your House (Part 1)

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You don’t necessarily need a real estate agent to sell a house. However, the one person you do need, who has the power to transform your house from top to bottom, is a stager. Did you know that house for sale in Sandy Springs, GA, which are staged by professionals spend 73% less time sitting on the market? They are sold faster and buyers are willing to pay top price for them.

Before you start seeing dollar signs, remember that a staged house doesn’t guarantee more money but it sure makes buyers open to negotiation. If you want the buyer to fall head over heels in love with your property, you gotta do more than fluffing the pillows and vacuuming. Here are the four words you need to add to your vocabulary: Repair, de-clutter, update, and de-personalize.

In part 1 of the blog, we will talk about the two rooms that receive the most foot traffic and therefore, require more staging:


Staging a kitchen requires more prep work because you need to empty the space completely. Here’s how to set up your kitchen before the buyer arrives:

  1. Clear the countertops and place one decorative bowl in the center filled with faux or real fruits (you can also place a flower vase or a matching set of china bowls)
  2. Pick out one of your fanciest dinner sets and place it in the cupboard, so that it looks aesthetically appealing through the glass
  3. Paint the cabinets a vibrant color that lightens up the kitchen in the morning. As for appliances, if they look old and dirty, it’s better to pack them
  4. Remove fridge magnets and any notes or paintings that are hanging on the fridge. Scrub the fridge spotless inside and outside
  5. Brew a fresh pot of coffee and place it on the countertop along with a tray of plain mugs, sugar cubes, creamer, and milk. Place a plate of cookies beside the coffee pot and a card that says, “Help Yourself”


This is the one room that can wow and gross out the buyer at the same time. Get your cleaning gloves ready because it’s time to scrub and sanitize every surface from the floor to walls, the shower stall, the bathtub, the sink and most important of all, the toilet bowl. Here’s how to set up your bathroom before the buyer arrives:

  1. Two things that need your immediate attention is the grout between the tiles that need a good scrubbing and the tub’s edge that needs to be re-caulked
  2. De-clutter every surface from the sink to the medicine cabinet, drawers and the shower tray
  3. If the bathroom floor has a carpet, then rip it out pronto and in its stead, place a mat outside the door
  4. To give the bathroom the feel and look of a luxury spa, place two things on the countertop: Disposable towels in a tray and colorful crystal soaps in a bowl. Make sure that the shower curtain is white and spotless and place a bath mat in front of the shower stall
  5. Pour a concoction of boiling water and vinegar in the drains to get rid of any unpleasant odors and spray air freshener inside the bathroom minutes before the buyer arrives

Hiring a stager or staging the house on your own allows you to market your house in a better way. This also gives you the benefit of posting pictures online, which attracts more buyers. While, putting your house up for sale is easy, it’s the presentation that takes much time and thought. Before putting your house on the market, why not get your house evaluated by America’s Network Reality Group Inc. Enter your address here: http://www.kstrealty.com/homevaluesinsandysprings/.

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