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Two Secret Tips That Will Help You Browse For a Killer House Online

Shopping online is so much fun and when it comes to houses, pictures are what matter the most. After all, you call the seller only when you feel that the pictures posted online show good features of the home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA. However, browsers beware: While these listings are seductive on sight, […]

5 Things That Might Bring Your Home’s Sale Value

Thinking about selling your house? You might have come up with dozens of ideas on what to keep and what to replace. When it comes to market value, there are certain things that increase the sale value of the house. The first thing that people think of doing is renovations. While renovation does bring in […]

4 Outdoor Projects That Can Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal and Value

When you first bought your new house, you went a little crazy while shopping. It’s understandable that you wanted to create a safe haven that would be both comfortable and beautiful. That new shower you installed with 12 side jets is hard to get out of, right? That hidden door that leads to your office […]

6249 Ferry Drive home for Rent $2,800

Home for Rent in Sandy Springs $2,800 per month Upgraded Ranch house with 4 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, one car garage, large yard located in the hearth of Sandy Springs is available for rent. This is a perfect location, near shops and recreational areas. This homes is within the award winning elementary Heards Ferry School district. […]

6 House Turn Offs that Sellers Need To Avoid

Do you know what’s a “home buyer’s pet peeve”? It encompasses everything buyers find annoying when they visit a Sandy Springs house for sale for the first time. As a seller, you should be familiar with these pet peeves, so that when potential buyers come to your open house, they don’t leave through the backdoor. Word […]

Moving Fast – 5 Homeowner Regrets That Most First-time Buyers Face

According to Today.com, 1 out of 5 first time home buyers regrets their decision after buying a house. It’s in human nature to always regret the things we have done, wishing that we should have done it better. When it comes to buying a house, this can be a huge mistake because a lot of […]

5 Essential Tips for Home Buyers on How to Get Your Dream House

When buying a home, most people tiptoe around the seller in fear they might go for another buyer. The truth is: if you make a good enough offer, you can be assured that the seller will stick with you till the end. I am sure you have heard of seller incentives such as offering a […]

Your Guide to “Buying a Home for the First Time”

Are you ready to begin this journey? Buying a house is a huge commitment that requires you to be on the straight and narrow for a few years, until you can call the house yours. You are not just buying a house but also a mortgage that has the power to steal this dream from […]

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