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House on Sale – 6 Things that Will Help You Seal the Deal

Many people will tell you that it’s hard to sell a house without a real estate agent. Come winter season and you are trying with all your might to attract some buyers. By chance if you do get a buyer or two, the deal tanks right after the tour. Have you ever wondered that the […]

6 Killer Marketing Tips to Sell your House

As a home owner who is trying to sell a house without the help of a real estate agent, the goal is to sell the house in a short time with a high profit. However, some houses need extra attention. A house in mint condition is a real estate agent’s dream and it probably takes […]

6 House Selling Tips – How to Sweeten the Pot for the Buyer

There’s a secret tip in real estate market that most people don’t know about. The tip is that a real estate market, which is going towards a decline and where supply is more than demand, a house can be sold faster if the price is lowered. However, people who do know about this tip don’t […]

5 Secrets That Will Help You Make a Profitable Sale

Selling a house in Sandy Springs, GA is not that easy. The median house value in Sandy Springs is $465,000. House values here have risen by 4.6% and it is predicted that in 2018, this value will increase 4.0%. The buyer’s market is right now in a very cold zone. In times like this, sellers […]

Strategies for Buying Your Dream House – How to Compete In Multiple Offers

The road is not easy for home buyers. As a person who is trying to settle in Sandy Springs, GA, you should know that the market right now is highly competitive. Houses are being sold left and right, and sellers are making a pretty penny. So, if you are planning to buy a house, there’s […]

5 Appraisal Myths That Are Stopping You from Making a Profitable House Sale

As a seller, you just picked out the short straw. From here on until closing the deal, you are going to be on a bumpy ride, with buyers negotiating with you to accept their offer. You finally put the house up for sale on the market and got multiple offers. Now, you need to go […]

Selling Your House – Ten Things You Need To Know About the Art of Negotiations

As a seller, your job is to push back on every real estate negotiation. Whatever the reason behind the sale, your aim should be to make profit. That being said, a buyer’s job is to ask and ask and ask. In the seller’s eyes, all that matters is a high price whereas for a buyer, […]

Security Tips to Follow When Staging an Open House

When selling a house, an owner often comes at a standstill when it’s time for the tour. Should they host one-on-one tours or an open house for all potential buyers? With so many advancements in digital media, it’s quite easy to give people a virtual tour of the house. Videos, pictures, Skype calls, etc. have […]

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