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How to Field a Low-Ball Offer on Your House

Fielding a low-ball offer is like shooing away a fly. They just keep coming and after sometime, it becomes pretty hard to avoid them because at that point, you think to yourself, “Is my asking price so wrong and so incomprehensible that people are quoting such a low price?” Before you get your emotions involved […]

Are You A Savvy Seller? Check Out These Tips to Find Out

Are you being dangled by your heartstrings when pricing your home for sale in Sandy Springs, GA? The fact is, you need cold, hard data if you are planning to put up your house for sale in Sandy Springs, GA. The median sale price going around in this area is $460,000. So, start crunching numbers […]

5 Things You Need To Factor into Your Budget before Buying a House

Buying a house is a big decision and requires you to reflect on your future plans. You need to be financially secure before taking a step because once you have taken out a mortgage, it becomes necessary to make the monthly payments on time so that you don’t fall into debt. Following are a few […]

Using Comparable Sales for Pricing Your Home

Are you familiar with comparable sales? In order to price your house according to the market value in Sandy Springs, you need to be familiar with the housing market. The first question you should be asking yourself is – how much will my house sell for? For as high as your neighbor just sold? Or […]

Open House Timeline – How to Make a Successful Sale

An open house in Sandy Springs has its advantages and disadvantages. There’s a lot of prep work involved and if done right, you will have short listed some serious buyers who are genuinely interested in buying the house. To avoid the stress, we have come up with a plan that will help you prepare for an […]

5 Real Estate Myths Sellers and Buyers Must Be Aware Of

Selling or buying a house in Sandy Springs is something most people do once in their lifetime. You might have heard a lot of stories about how people got conned into buying a house that had too many repairs or the owner ran away before giving the ownership deed that was not even his in the […]

5 Deadly Pitfalls of Home Buying

Buying a home for the first time in Sandy Springs? You might be all smiles right now but if you don’t do your research properly, you might end up losing your money. There are some deadly pitfalls that you need to be aware of before buying a house. Not only will these pitfalls cost you […]

House on Sale – 6 Things that Will Help You Seal the Deal

Many people will tell you that it’s hard to sell a house without a real estate agent. Come winter season and you are trying with all your might to attract some buyers. By chance if you do get a buyer or two, the deal tanks right after the tour. Have you ever wondered that the […]

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