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Hey, Buyers: Check Out these Home Appraisal Tips

There’s always some feature of a house that makes the buying process deeply personal for you. Maybe it’s the walk-in closet or the dreamy bathroom, where you immediately envision yourself taking hot, relaxing baths. So, you finally chose a house and have decided that this is the “one”. The only concern now standing in your […]

Dealing with Surprises – The Day of the “Home Inspection”

Getting a home inspection on your dream house is always nerve racking. The moment the inspector enters the Sandy Springs home for sale, there’s this question playing on a loop in the back of your mind that, “What if there’s something wrong with the house, which the owner failed to mention?” Then there’s impatience… what […]

Crafting Your Money Bid – How to Make an Offer on Your Dream House

So, you finally found your dream house. Are you ready to make a bid on it? Wait a minute… whatever you are imagining; it won’t probably go that way in reality. Sounds a bit dramatic but putting an offer on a Sandy Springs home for sale is not that easy! To help you make an offer […]

The Choice between Owning a House and Renting

Do you feel like all your hard earned money is going down the drain? Renting makes you question yourself whether you should finally start saving for a house or not. After all, what you are doing right now is building your proprietor’s equity. It’s time you made your dream a reality, which up until now […]

How Your Current Lifestyle Might Stop You from Buying Your Dream House

If you are thinking about buying a house, then there are a couple of things you need to consider before you go shopping for a mortgage. A house for sale in Sandy Springs, GA comes with many strings attached, including the down payment, monthly payments, and how much you can afford according to your income. […]

10 Staging Tips That Will Make a Buyer Fall Head Over Heels in Love with Your House (Part 2)

Staging your house before the buyer arrives can be very taxing. Houses for sale in Sandy Springs, GA are a bit hard to sell because they hold a high value. There are certain areas of the house, which the buyer inspects closely. Anything out of order such as a leaking faucet or food crumbs on […]

10 Staging Tips That Will Make a Buyer Fall Head Over Heels in Love with Your House (Part 1)

You don’t necessarily need a real estate agent to sell a house. However, the one person you do need, who has the power to transform your house from top to bottom, is a stager. Did you know that house for sale in Sandy Springs, GA, which are staged by professionals spend 73% less time sitting […]

5 Credit Score Myths That Are Stopping You from Buying Your Dream House in Sandy Springs, GA

Your credit score is one of the biggest hurdles that you come across when trying to get a loan. We all know that a good credit score helps us to lock down better monthly payment terms and a low interest rate. The faster you pay your debts and bills, the easier it will be to […]

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