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5 Valuable Advice To Buy A Dream Home In Dunwoody, GA

Owning a beautiful home is a dream for most Americans. It is a crucial part of the American Dream. Whether you are interested to buy a home in Dunwoody, GA for personal residence or looking for homes for sale in Dunwoody for investment purposes, you will find the following 5 advice invaluable in finding the […]

5 Effective Ways New Homeowners Can Save On Yearly Electricity Bills In The Summer

Energy bills take a big chunk out of the annual budget of most homeowners. The average household in the US spends about $1320 in electric bills annually. According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), electric bills account for about 9 percent of household expenses.  Fortunately, there are a number of steps that you […]

Window Of Opportunity: Unique Ways To Dress Up A Home Interior For An Open House

Whether you want to sell your home in Sandy Springs, GA or make it more appealing for your own eyes, dressing up a home is something that will pay you top dividends. Changes to the home interior can be simple such as repainting the walls, or they can be complex such as an entire makeover […]

3 Simple Tips And Tricks To Sell A Home For Top Dollars In Sandy Springs, GA

The property prices in Sandy Springs, GA are currently on an upswing. There are many upcoming commercial development projects in and around the area that have piqued the interest of people looking for a comfortable home. If you are thinking about selling your home in Sandy Springs, GA, keep in mind that if your property […]

How To Team Up With The Right Real Estate Agent In Sandy Springs, GA

The advancement of online technologies in recent years has made it very easy to buy and sell a home in Sandy Springs, GA. That being said, the importance of a real estate agent has not diminished despite the proliferation of online platforms and real estate technologies. Teaming up with an expert real estate agent in […]

Opciones para comprar una casa en el Area de Atlanta

Opciones para comprar casa en Atlanta Rentar una casa es regalar el dinero al dueño de la casa, porque no ahorrar ese dinero para su futuro. Hay muchas maneras de comprar una casa. Aunque tengan un mal crédito o no crédito, eso no debe ser una razón para dar nuestro dinero a otra gente. Hay […]

Cuánto cuesta mi Casa

¿Cuánto cuesta mi casa? Esta es la pregunta que muchos dueños lo hacen a sus vecinos, sus amigo o familiares, generalmente la respuesta no es nada mas que un precio imaginario o un precio que han escuchado de otro vecino. Hoy en día, saber el precio actual de su casa es algo que se puede […]

Homes just listed Today

If you want to be the first one to know about a new listing in the Atlanta Metro Area, this page will always show the homes were just listed today. Don’t waste time with other national websites that show you outdated listings. We are local and update our website every 15 minutes. The Atlanta Real […]

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